snotglass speaks

Sunday, June 01, 2003

The President strengthens Iraqi democracy

In a bold demonstration of his intellectual agility, our elected wartime President, George W. Bush, has strengthened the foundations of democracy by terminating the liberal practice of confiscating firearms from law-abiding Iraqi gun owners. Relying on the constitutional guarantee to keep and bear arms, eternally enshrined in the Second Amendment of our sacred Constitution, the President's policy decision brings further freedom to the recently liberated Iraqi people.

It has also become clear that the damage done to our armed forces during by rabidly anti-military Clinton administration has seriously hampered our President's efforts to restore stability to Iraq. Recent analysis by the non-partisan Admiral Byng Center for Military Policy at the Heritage Foundation reveals serious shortcomings in the Army's ability to conduct stabilization operations, which were virtually ignored during the Clinton administration.

You liberals need to start reading history.