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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Liberal journalists are terrorists

Whining liberals have complained that our elected President, George W. Bush somehow snubbed “journalist” Helen Thomas at his historic press conference. But further examination by the Larry Elder Center For Ethical Journalism at the Heritage Foundation reveals that she is obviously in the early stages of senility and should have her press pass removed. Ms. Thomas is way past the point of intelligently serving her readers.

The 82 year old woman should learn to act like a journalist instead of a babbling loon. Then she'd be treated with a little more respect. President Bush did what any good parent does when their kid has a tantrum: he ignored her.

Liberals should spare us all this nonsense about Helen Thomas being the great savior of the Press. She was, and she still is, a hack. If any of those liberals who are praising her to the heavens had ever bothered to read one of her columns, they would note that they largely consist of a whole series of complete sentences strung together into in paragraphs. She has become an embarrassment to the White House press corps, as well as to the nation at large.

Our President has already made his case for war quite eloquently, and needs no help from Helen Thomas. It’s not the job of the President to tie it all up in a neat little package for quibbling critics. The case is perfectly coherent. Liberals choose not to believe it. Plenty of others do. Helen's goofy questions about bombing Iraqi civilians don't do a thing to clarify it for anyone.

It is time for all patriotic Americans to support our elected President, and resist the propaganda of leftist terrorist journalists.

Fighting liberal propaganda

Patriotic conservatives have rallied to the flag by supporting our elected President, George W. Bush’s bold efforts to defend America from terrorists and restore democracy to the oppressed people of Iraq. In an overwhelming display of support for President Bush, Seattle radio station KVI has raised money to counter the distortions of the liberal media by airing patriotic commentary.

This important commentary, broadcast in the finest traditions of American journalism, has reinforced the President’s message that Saddam Hussein is an unelected dictator whose constant warmongering has bankrupted the Iraqi people, that his defiance of the will of the United Nations is a threat to world peace, he stifles dissent and persecutes his political opponents.

Led by conservative commentator John Carlson, the entire on-air staff also wanted to volunteer for combat infantry duty but felt their contributions to the home front were more important.

Liberals should also show their patriotism before it's too late.

Show your patriotism

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