snotglass speaks

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Our President has spoken

Our constitutionally elected President, George W. Bush again presented the case for immediate action against the evil liberal regime of Saddam Hussein. Focused, articulate and compelling throughout the news conference, President Bush presented startling new evidence directly linking the Iraqi dictator with the unprovoked terrorist attack on America by connecting Saddam Hussein with the events of September 11th, 2001 in the same sentence structure at every possible opportunity.

Through divine revelation obtained by the prayers of the American people, the Almighty has spoken through His anointed servant, George Bush and his government. The President’s dynamic, honest and bold statements of hard fact were confirmed by studies conducted by the Marshall Applewhite Temple of Foreign Policy at the Heritage Foundation, which conclusively demonstrated that the President’s firm policy of regime change and/or disarmament is inspired by Providence.

“This is compelling new evidence that the international cannot ignore,” said noted intelligence analyst and author Jonah Goldberg. If the international community fails to enforce the revealed will of the Almighty, President Bush may be forced to pronounce pre-emptive anathema on the entire world.

Liberals better get some old-time religion real fast.