snotglass speaks

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

The President challenges liberal racism

On the occasion of Martin Luther King’s birthday, our elected wartime President, George W. Bush has boldly moved to end the discriminatory racial quotas established by forty years of failed liberal social engineering experiments. Fully supporting American diversity, the President has made clear his belief that all Americans must have equal opportunity based solely on personal merit.

The President has taken a firm stand assuring that all Americans have equal access to education. Leaving no child behind, President Bush’s bold initiative will end the unconstitutional and socialist policy of excluding prospective students based on excess income, family connections and lack of aptitude in favor of discriminatory racial quotas.

Recent studies conducted by the Kenneth Lee Center for Academic Studies at the American Enterprise Institute have concluded that so-called “affirmative action” plans have resulted in systematic discrimination against young wealthy white male conservative ideologues, including John Lott whose unblemished reputation as a scholar and meticulous researcher would qualify him for academic advancement.

Independent research by noted civil rights activist and author Jonah Goldberg verifies this conclusion. “The President’s other civil rights initiatives will correct forty years of discrimination,” said Goldberg. “President Bush’s bold, fully-engaged, and visionary stand in favor of civil rights will rescue American education from the unqualified minorities, feminists and politically correct liberals who have dumbed-down our education system in favor of racial quotas.”

You liberals should support diversity.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

The President is a champion of due process

Our elected wartime President, George W. Bush is under attack again from the usual sinister cabal of left-wing comsymps for somehow using the internal security precautions necessitated by the War on Terror to subvert our cherished, constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.

But recent research by the Reginald Whitehead Center for Judicial Integrity at the Heritage Foundation reveals that President Bush has strengthened individual liberties and is himself a champion of our unique system of due process. Resisting the liberal lynch mob of class warriors baying for the blood of the innocent, President Bush has refused to allow governmental persecution of Ken Lay.

Noted legal scholar and author Jonah Goldberg agreed with this assessment. “President Bush has strengthened the rule of law by reasserting the basic precept of American jurisprudence that all men are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” Our President has returned honor and dignity to the American judiciary.

You liberals are a threat to the Bill of Rights.

Monday, January 13, 2003

Read my lips: no new Axis!

Defeatist liberals have been unpatriotically playing the old style Washington politics of blaming our elected wartime President, George W. Bush for somehow “provoking” a crisis on the Korean peninsula. While the President and the Republican leadership have remained focused on the clear and imminent threat to American security presented by Saddam Hussein’s material breeches, our fully engaged President has taken bold steps to resolve the remote possibility of conflict in East Asia.

Through the Churchillian and visionary precepts of the Bush Doctrine, which promised pre-emptive war to all loathsome dictators who are suspected of developing weapons of mass destruction, President Bush gave the world fair warning that he would no longer follow the policy of appeasement established by the failed Clinton regime. By revoking the concessions foolishly given to support the North Korean communist regime through the Clinton appeasement negotiations, President Bush boldly smoked out the North Korean clandestine nuclear weapons program, returned moral clarity to American diplomacy and brought the war on terror within measureable distance of its end.

President Bush continues to steadfastly refuse negotiations with the rogue Korean regime. Professor Jukes Kallikak of the Steve Woodmore School of Diplomacy at the American Enterprise Institute has concluded that the President’s refusal to pursue a policy of appeasement is most likely to resolve this minor crisis before the liberal media sensationalizes the issue.

“The President has wisely provided an incentive for the North Koreans to comply with their international obligations without negotiating,” said Professor Kallikak. “When you’re talking about bi-lateral talks, it depends on how you talk about the word ‘talk’.”

Americans are proud that the adults are back in charge of our national security.