snotglass speaks

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Knowing our enemy

As mindless liberals reflexively attack our elected wartime President, George W. Bush over his brilliant and inspired handling of the near-crisis brought about by the sinister North Korean communist regime and the inept foreign policy of the failed Clinton administration, it is important that we true conservatives remember the nature of the Korean dictator and charter member of the Axis of Evil.

He is the pampered and spoiled product of his country's ruling elite and the son of his country's former leader. Born to the wealth and high social standing of his family's political dynasty, he has enjoyed a life of privilege far removed from concerns of his exploited countrymen. Despite an obvious lack of merit, talent or aptitude, he received the best accommodations his country could offer. He was a notorious playboy and immoral rake until he reached an age at which most men have matured. He produced nothing and accomplished nothing unconnected to his family's name, and owes his current political position to solely his father's cronies.

Surrounded by sycophants and toadies, he adheres to a discredited ideology that most of his countrymen would reject if they were not routinely and massively propagandized. He is unconcerned with the economic devastation his party’s ideology has visited on his country, except as to avoid complete disaster and cynically manipulate each crisis to the passing advantage of his party and the ruling elite.

Paranoid and contemptuous of foreign opinion, he has alienated almost the entire world with disjointed, bellicose, but often colorful rhetoric that most other nations find frightening. His erratic foreign policy consists solely of slogans intended to further propagandize a fearful domestic audience rather than assure his neighbors. Often, he unpredictibly reverses his own national policy and acts unilaterally to further a political ideology that is incompatible with democracy.

These are the differences between Kim Jong Il and our own beloved and respected leader. Liberals are blind to those differences.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Godless liberals support the perpetual welfare state

In fulfillment of his historic electoral mandate, our legitimate wartime President, George W. Bush has begun the task of transferring social services from the failed liberal welfare state to the tested and proven faith-based charities that have historically provided the best support to America’s disadvantaged.

While tax-and-spend liberals whine about so-called “constitutional separation” of Church and state in a shameless and pathetic attempt to enrich their Big Welfare power base and appease their atheist constituency, a new study by the Gerald and Betty Payne Center for Christian Charity at Liberty University has revealed that faith-based charities are much better positioned to apply sound market-oriented solutions to social ills spawned by sixty years of failed cradle-to-grave socialist welfare.

Citing the spiritual success of renowned Christian charities such as the Baptist Foundation of Arizona, Greater Ministries International and the prestigious Pilonidal Cyst Foundation, this study demonstrates the wisdom of transferring tax support from discredited government bureaucracies to dynamic and effective faith-based charities.

Independent data obtained by noted public policy analyst and author Jonah Goldberg supports these conclusions. “Despite the systematic persecution by liberal Big Government,” said Goldberg, “these faith based organizations have consistently provided better services to their members than any faceless government agency.”

Liberals smear our elected President

In a transparent attempt to embarrass our legitimate, elected wartime President, George W. Bush, liberal democrat Charles Rangel has introduced legislation to activate the Selective Service system. Since President Bush has fully restored the American armed forces to peak fighting condition after the scandalous neglect and misuse of the failed Clinton administration, such legislation is unnecessary and can only be viewed as a blatantly partisan attempt to further the Big Lie expounded by the vast left-wing agitation and propaganda apparatus that seeks to smear the gleaming military record of our elected Commander in Chief.

President Bush voluntarily served with distinction as an Air Force fighter pilot during the Vietnam War years. Recognizing his leadership qualities and undeveloped potential for command, officials of the Texas Air National Guard selected young George W. Bush for the highly demanding position of fighter pilot. He was directly commissioned as a lieutenant despite the fact that he had received no formal officer training (the only officer who received such distinction in the entire Air Force that year) and, based entirely on his own merit, he was advanced to the first flight training program available.

Lieutenant Bush quickly achieved the respected rank of First Lieutenant within the military's highly competitive promotion system, and he remained a valued and trusted First Lieutenant until he was discharged.

You liberals should be ashamed for smearing our President's war record.