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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Temporary Interruption of service

From January 1, 2003 through January 7th, snotglass will be attending a conservative symposium sponsored by the George Roche III Family Values Institute at Hillsdale College. Commentary will resume on January 8th.

Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

President Bush changes the tone in Washington

As promised, our elected president, George W. Bush is changing the tone of politics in Washington and throughout the nation. In his fully-engaged effort to reverse the effects of the Clinton recession, President Bush is working hard to improve the economy by forcing the sensationalized liberal media to focus on the positive opportunities he has created rather than obsess on the fuzzy math of negative stastics. Therefore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will no longer publish defeatist information that might aid terrorists and the axis of evil to develop weapons of mass layoffs.

Liberals fail to understand foreign policy

As our elected, fully-engaged, wartime President, George W. Bush skillfully manages the multiple international crises caused by the incoherent foreign policy of the failed Clinton administration, unpatriotic liberals and leftist defeatists are actively aiding the axis of evil by spreading dissent and discord.

Discredited former Secretary of State Warren Christopher and National Security advisor Sandy Berger are desperately trying to salvage their tarnished reputations by criticizing the adroit foreign policy of the fully-engaged Team Bush. “Baghdad” Berger and “Ctesiphon” Christopher are evidently incapable of understanding the subtle, nuanced strategy of the President’s carefully articulated strategy of humble selective pre-emptive tailored containment.

Exhaustive research by the prestigious Bobby McFerrin Center for Korean Studies at the American Enterprise Institute shows that the immediate Iraqi crisis is significantly distinguished from the remote near-crisis over North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction because Team Bush is privy to intelligence that the leftist Iraqi dictator secretly has weapons of mass destruction while the communist dictator Kim il Jung has publicly announced his intention to obtain additional nuclear weapons.

Noted strategist, arms control expert and celebrated author Jonah Goldberg has collected data that supports these important findings. “The Bush Doctrine is fully engaged,” said Goldberg. “It’s a question of diplomatic process. Saddam Hussein has previously kicked out international inspectors, and now he has let them back in. The inspection process must be allowed to discover nothing before military force is applied, although no decision has been made yet.” Goldberg observed that North Korea has merely kicked out inspectors, and there must first be an opportunity to resume inspections before pre-emptive sanctions can be applied to North Korea.

You people should reject liberal demands for unilateral war in Korea and work within the international community.

Monday, December 30, 2002

Liberal class warfare

In his most recent column George Will has again defended the constitutional guarantees of free speech from the misguided efforts of liberal censors and campaign “reformers” who are pushing a stealth agenda of class warfare on the American people.

Will notes that 80 percent of campaign contributions come directly from individual donors who are motivated because participation in the political process is personally satisfying, and that increases in campaign spending are directly proportional to growth in personal income. Political donations are therefore a function of personal income, and campaign finance reform is a direct attack on the civil rights and free political expression of this nation’s oppressed people of wealth.

It is foolish to assume that there is any direct link between political contributions and the legislative process or the regulatory powers of the executive branch since the ratio of campaign contributions from individual donors to total government spending is almost insignificant.

Independent data collected by noted political scientist and author Jonah Goldberg supports Will's conclusions. "Limiting political campaign donations, except in the cases of environmentalists, big labor, trial lawyers and the welfare queen lobby, is nothing short of a direct assault on our money’s cherished liberty to participate in the democratic process."

Colonel North's Fitness Report

American patriot and retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North has provided his annual fitness report on the best and worst performances of 2002. Colonel North’s evaluations are particularly relevant to the conservative community because of his demonstrated qualities of personal integrity, honor, and loyalty to the military officer's code of conduct.

Colonel North’s high standards of personal conduct stand in direct contrast to the sordid and disgraceful behavior the previous Commander in Chief.